Managing to the New Regulatory Reality

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Managing to the New Regulatory Reality
Doing Business under the Dodd-Frank Act

Foreword by Richard K. Davis
A “new reality”—a very fascinating combination of words which usually defines a changed circumstance, combined with a new certainty.

This is a practical and useful book about understanding, managing and adjusting to a new regulatory reality. In it, you will find that there are no “final” claims on this new future that we face, rather it focuses on the many lessons learned which can be useful to our preparation and leadership toward a new outcome. In other words, the author defines our “new reality” as fluid circumstances, with an ever-changing (and uncertain) normal.

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The year 2008 will be remembered forever in U.S. financial history as a transformational shift in terms of how the American political establishment views the financial services industry in this country. Its long-term implications are likely to have a negative impact on consumers, investors, economic growth, and jobs in the new regulatory reality unless that relationship is realigned with greater balance in mind for our economy. In Managing to the New Regulatory Reality, Gregory Wilson shows financial firms how to step up the way they manage their unique regulatory risks and new supervisory environment so that they can continue to support their ongoing competitive strategies and business models for serving customers and rewarding investors—and sustain profitability through all of the new red tape.

Wilson details the actions of the U.S. Congress to pass the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010, showing how the legislative process was just as important as the legislative substance. He also explains the importance of the new international regulatory actions of the Group of Twenty to global financial firms. He then offers ten universal lessons to help executives, directors, and others be bettered prepared for the future as the new regulatory reality unfolds over the decade. These manageable lessons include advice on such issues as executive compensation and consumer protection in the new political reality, the value of good governance, the importance of working with regulators to build trust-based relationships, stepping up their public policy advocacy to ensure better regulatory outcomes, and other critical issues.

To be commercially successful in the new regulatory reality of the foreseeable future, management and boards will need to re-learn and fully understand the universally applicable lessons coming out of this crisis before the next crisis hits. This book will help financial companies of all kinds – operating in the United States and around the world – take steps now to prepare for the next significant market disruption—even if we can’t perfectly predict how or when or in what form it will strike.

With Managing to the New Regulatory Reality as their guide, financial institutions can make the new policies and regulations work for them—not against them.


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Testimonials for “Managing to the New Regulatory Reality”

Managing to the New Regulatory Reality Doing Business Under the Dodd-Frank Act

"Every bank CEO ought to read Greg Wilson's newly published book."

    Barbara A. Rehm, Editor at Large, American Banker, March 17, 2011.

“This is the first book to go beyond what happened and why, and into today’s most pressing question for the industry, which is ‘how do we adapt to and thrive in the post-crisis environment?’”

    Robert P. Kelly, Chairman and CEO, BNY Mellon

“This book provides a broad and easy to understand synopsis of the Dodd-Frank Act coupled with useful strategies, tactics, suggestions, and 10 very valuable lessons for winning, copping, and, indeed, succeeding in this radically new and challenging regulatory environment.”

    Dick Kovacevich, Retired Chairman and CEO, Wells Fargo and Company

“Drawing on his detailed knowledge and high-level experience, Greg Wilson provides clear guidance and actionable advice to help companies and their officers and directors succeed in the new regulatory environment.”

    J. Michael Shepherd, Chairman and CEO, BankWest

“This is an absolutely critical ‘must read’ for financial services executives. Greg Wilson’s book is the only one of its kind which provides a granular ‘how to’ guide to managing our businesses in the new regulatory environment. An excellent read!”

    Norman R. Sorensen, President and CEO, Principal International, Inc. and Principal Financial Group

“In describing the ‘new regulatory reality,’ Greg Wilson does a masterful job in describing how we got here, where we are, and where we are going.

“More importantly, Mr. Wilson offers a clear, practical guide for executives to master the new world of regulatory reality.

“Greg Wilson lived through the recent crisis and now offers us all a blueprint for avoiding the next one.”

    Hon. Steve Bartlett,
    President and CEO,The Financial Services Roundtable

“There have been a number of books written about the recent financial crisis that inevitably led to the introduction and passage of the Dodd-Frank Bill. But this is the first book I have read that takes all the critical events in sequence, describes their impact, explains how that impact contributed to the development of this legislation, then provides an analysis of the bill.

“The book could only have been written by someone with an in-depth understanding of the political process and a thorough understanding of financial markets and financial institutions. Greg is one of a very small number of people who has a sufficient level of understanding of all three to be able to put them together as he has done.

“Two characteristics of the book are particularly notable. First, though I have read many summaries of the Dodd-Frank Bill, most of the summaries repeat the bill’s language or provisions. By contrast, Greg spends little effort reciting the language in the statue and instead explains the impact of those provisions. To anyone other than a banking lawyer, this approach offers a far better means of understanding the content of the bill.

“The second characteristic that I find notable is the ten clear lessons he outlines for managing in a post Dodd-Frank environment. It strikes me that ten or fifteen years ago each of the ten lessons would have been described as the “soft issues” of management rather than the “hard issues” of financial and product line management. In thinking about that I reached the conclusion that the prior “hard issues” are no less important than in prior years, but that management expectations are now higher as these formerly “soft issues” are at least as critical to success these days as are the more traditional success factors.

“It is clear that Greg sees the Dodd-Frank Bill as the culmination of a series of events that, taken together, are a critical milestone in financial services. I agree with that assessment, and therefore suggest that this book should be required reading for any practitioner in this business.”

    Mark Olson, Co-Chairman, Treliant Risk Advisors former Governor, Federal Reserve System, Former Chairman, Public Company Accounting Oversight Board